Giving back to the community is something Dr. Gabriel Stine is passionate about. As the founder of Stine Chiropractic in Victorville, he recognizes the importance of relationships with family, friends and his community.

“I’m blessed to be surrounded by a lot of really good people that have helped me along the way,” Stine said.

Dr. Stine, his wife (also his high school sweetheart), Wendy of 28 years, moved to Victorville 25 years ago to start his practice and their family.

Gabe and Wendy Stine

Shortly after the move to the High Desert, Dr. Stine volunteered as the team doctor for the Apple Valley High School football team. Recognizing that all student-athletes are required to have physical exams, Dr. Stine created a program to do the physicals onsite.

He and his staff chiropractors provide the required physical exams for student-athletes and enlist health occupation students to help by taking height, weight and blood pressure. There is $20 fee which is donated back to the school’s sports program.

“I came up with the idea to donate the money back to the sports programs because at that time a lot of the sports programs were struggling because they didn’t have enough funding,” Stine said.

His program then expanded to Granite Hills High School in Apple Valley and then to most of the middle schools and high schools in the High Desert, covering upward of 20 schools. Currently, the program is in 10 schools. Dr. Stine and his staff now serve as team doctors to Apple Valley, Granite Hills, and Excelsior High Schools, attending to injured players during games which saves the school district the cost of having an ambulance on site during games.

Over the past two decades, Stine Chiropractic has donated more than $300,000 to local school athletic programs. On September 8, San Bernardino County Supervisor Robert A. Lovingood awarded Dr. Stine as his choice for Vision2BActive “Action Hero” for the 1st District. The Vision2BActive is a campaign to improve health and wellness by encouraging residents to increase their physical activity and connecting them to existing recreational programs, amenities and activities in their communities.

Stine Chiropratic staff

The “Active Hero” award also recognizes Dr. Stine’s other school program, “Health Strong” started with the help of Valerie Smith, the director of community wellness innovation at St. Joseph Health in Apple Valley and Susan Fansler, marketing/community outreach director at Stine Chiropractic.

Health Strong is a monthly program where elementary students participate in a variety of fun, heart-pumping activities, enjoy a healthy snack and learn more about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Sponsored by Tracy Riebeling of Finish Line Tires and Automotive and Stine Chiropractic, the program relies on volunteers from Apple Valley High School’s HOSA program and parent volunteers to help students participate in 45-minute sessions by grade level.

Dr. Stine’s heart for kids is not only about physical wellness alone but for their education. For 19 years, he has served as a trustee on the Victor Elementary School District Board.

As a trustee, Dr. Stine says, “There are two roles to fulfill: one is to hire the superintendent, and the second is to set policy and direction for the school district. The key to being a good school board member is to allow the people who work in our district to be successful and to do their job.”

The Stine family

Dr. Stine also offers internships for students interested in the health sciences, some of whom have gone on to become chiropractors.

When he isn’t working and volunteering, Dr. Stine enjoys playing golf with friends, watching sports and spending time with his wife and kids, Ashton, 25, Ethan, 22, and Cassidy, 17. The family enjoys going to Ducks, Angels, Lakers and Dodgers games together.

Faith is a big part of life for the Stine family. A member of High Desert Church in Victorville since 1994, Dr. Stine speaks fondly of the late pastor Dan Barbour who baptized both he and his wife, Wendy.

“The Lord has really blessed me and would want me to share and give back. If I’ve done anything well in this life, I have surrounded myself with great people—people like Dr. Raychelle Deermer who’s been with me for 17 years, Dr. Michael Cruz, and Dr. Kevin Percuoco, but I have to give credit to my wife. She’s the heart of our family, prays harder than anyone, and has always been there for me.”