You know you’re in the twenty-first century when pastors start opening their sermons with “open your apps” to Genesis, chapter…

All of three of these Bible apps offer many Bible translations and resources and are free to download.

youversionapp1. YouVersion

While our mobile phones can be a source of distraction, they can also be a great tool for Bible study, inspiration and even prayer.

Youversion is by far the most popular, active on over 180 million devices around the world.

They offer a verse of the day, reading plans, hundreds of translations, an audio version, study tools, and the ability to create graphics to go with your favorite verse in less than a minute.

Interaction among members is available when you join so that you can see and interact with friends who are also using the app.


Bible Hub app2. Bible Hub

The lesser known app, Bible Hub, began many years ago as the website (now a used book store) and is produced by the Online Parallel Bible Project which is privately owned and supported.

Although the app itself is very simple, the content that it links to is extensive, including many Bible translations and languages including parallel and Hebrew versions. They provide a host of commentaries, sermons, maps, images and links.

The financial resources that they appear to have available provide a stark contrast to the plethora of available resources. The app is free and they openly promote the unrestricted sharing of any content that is not bound by any original publishing companies.

If you are not interested in interacting with the app or with others who use the app, this is a great study tool.

3. Bible Gateway

Bible GatewayThe Bible Gateway app is an easy to use Bible app produced by . Their design is intentionally simple and clean with a dropdown of options that includes Favorite, Highlighting, Note Taking, Resources and Sharing.

When you create an account you can sync your notes and Bible verses that you have highlighted. Options include Search, Save (so that you can continue where you left off), commentaries, dictionaries and audio Bibles.

Bible Gateway also allows quick access to Bible Hub for more study and information.


To download any of these apps onto your phone, look for the icon on your phone that links you to the app store. From the bottom of the screen you will see a search tool. From there you can type in the specific app you are interested in or you can type in a key word, such as “Bible”.

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