Pregnancy is often considered a milestone in a young woman’s life. However, for many discovering an unplanned pregnancy, it may leave them scared, trapped and unsure of what is to come of their future.

We can make memories that last a lifetime if we make the choice to go into every activity with the drive to encourage someone and build him or her up.

That is where Rose of Sharon Pregnancy Resource Center comes into play as they reach out to offer a helping hand and the love of Christ to those in need.

“Whether unplanned or through other circumstances, we’re here to come alongside these women and let them know they are not alone,” said Executive Director Deborah Lemons. “Being pregnant can be an emotional time in any young woman’s life.”

Located in Victorville, CA in the High Desert, the non-profit center is funded by local churches and the generosity of people through financial support and donations in order to provide emotional, physical and spiritual support to women in the High Desert experiencing crisis pregnancies.

Having donned their name from the Bible in Song of Solomon, the organization was established 30 years ago in the town of Hesperia in a small commercial home run by founders Kathleen Honeycutt and Lona Beandsley.

After 23 years of growth and community support, the center relocated to Victorville where they continue to offer women of all ages emotional and spiritual support through the span of their pregnancy.

According to Lemons, Rose of Sharon also aims to bring healing and wholeness to the lives of women by bringing them to a saving knowledge of Christ while challenging the community to adopt a Godly view of sexuality and the sanctity of human life.

“Reaching out to others with the love of Christ, that is our highest calling and we take it to heart,” Lemons said. “A lot of times these women need certain things, like baby food or a stroller, but we also try to show them there is someone out there that has come alongside them to offer help and hope.”

Rose of Sharon offers several free services which include pregnancy tests, parenting classes, counseling, resource information, GED classes, Bible studies and more.

Over the years, Lemons said the center has dealt with all kinds of crisis, usually with women between the ages of 25 to 30, as they offer continued support and prayer in hopes these young women endure motherhood alongside the Lord’s guidance.

“Sadly, we’ve had those as young as 13 come in but we’re here for them and to show them God is with them too,” Lemon said. “We’ve had women come from all parts of the High Desert from Victorville to as far as Wrightwood and Lucerne Valley. We also have an office in Barstow for those who cannot make the drive out here.”

Through many different agencies in the High Desert, such as the California Highway Patrol who assist mothers on how to properly install car seats for their little ones, Rose of Sharon continues to provide unconditional love and support.

Although funding can be a challenge, Lemon said the Lord has “provided along the way to reach so many girls and has kept us going all these years.”

“Because we’ve been here so long, we’ve also come across so many girls who’ve been helped through our center,” Lemons said. “It’s so rewarding to see these girls come back after a few years having raised their children and get their degrees and that everything turned out well for them.

“It’s a good place and God does come and do miraculous things with these girls. Many of them may have been associated with drugs or gang violence and many have come and given their lives to the Lord. It’s a hug blessing.”

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