Sharron Hoover and Yvette Sardillo.

Seven years ago, Sharron Hoover was stressed, overweight, and taking several medications.

Her sister, Florene, had been diagnosed with cancer and was also taking a host of medications. When Sharron went to be with her sister in Colorado, it was disheartening to witness Florene become paralyzed as cancer spread throughout her body.

“Before Florene became paralyzed, she wanted an exercise and physical therapy program so badly. But they had her too drugged up,” Sharron recalled. “We only had one good day together before she died.”

Sharron’s brother, Carl came to see Florene in Colorado although he had been through two major back surgeries and heart bypass surgery.

“Carl was on oxycodone and he was also drugged up. I suspect those drugs contributed to his death,” Sharron said.

These experiences along with her own deteriorating health made Sharron, now 76, realize she needed to do something.

“I was so surprised the difference that hour made in my day. So, I kept coming and it changed my life!”

“I weighed 223 pounds and could barely put one foot in front of the other. It was so embarrassing. My doctor sent me to physical therapy, but they were exercises I felt I could do on my own at home.”

When a friend from church suggested Sharron try water aerobics, Sharron found a physical therapy center in Victorville called Power Center that also offered aquatics classes.

“I was so surprised the difference that hour made in my day. So, I kept coming and it changed my life!”

For two years, Sharron continued her water aerobics classes until she decided to investigate becoming an instructor. She took classes and is now a certified water aerobics instructor teaching classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Power Center.

Since starting at Power Center, Sharron is 63 pounds lighter and is now down to taking only three medications. She says these results are not uncommon for other patients and customers who attend.

Sharron Hoover teaching a water aerobics class.

Pat Cook had three meniscus surgeries and one knee replacement surgery. Her doctor recommended Power Center for physical therapy for her knee and shoulder six years ago. Pat has been coming ever since. Although she no longer needs physical therapy, Pat continues to use the gym.

“I take very little medication. In fact, I still have a full bottle of pills from when I had knee replacement surgery a year and a half ago,” Pat said. “And they allow patients to use the gym for free a full year after the physical therapy is complete.”

Terri Thomas attends Sharron’s aerobic classes in order to maintain her mobility. As a retired registered nurse, Terri has seen several patients become dependent upon pain medications. Two doctors have recommended spinal fusion surgery for Terri’s fractured L5 vertebrae.

“I have not only avoided a horrific ten-hour surgery, but my classes at the Power Center keeps me walking and pain-free,” said Terri. “My doctors say I’m a walking miracle.”

Power Center Physical Therapy Aquatics and Wellness is owned and operated by Yvette and Tony Sardillo. Yvette is a physical therapist and Tony is chief operations officer. As the past director of rehab services for Desert Valley Hospital for twelve years, Yvette found a gap between healthcare and fitness and ventured to open a facility that will do just that.

“We are bridging the gap between healthcare and fitness,” Yvette said. “We work with people by getting them from being sick to being healthy, to being fit. We do this by teaching them how to take care of themselves after they are done with their therapy.”

Power Center provides physical therapy, aquatics, wellness groups and provides services for the following programs: vestibular rehabilitation, aquatic rehabilitation, orthopedic and sports injury rehabilitation, neurological dysfunction, balance/fall prevention program, as well as back and spine issues.

Sharron Hoover and Yvette Sardillo.

Once a patient has completed their physical therapy at Power Center, they have access to the gym and classes free of charge for one full year. Power Center is also in the process of restructuring a twelve-week transformational and weight loss program that had over 300 successful graduates. Yvette hopes to offer more complete transformation programs in the future at Power Center.

“Our goal in therapy is: number one to delay, avoid, or prevent surgery. And number two: to cut back on or eliminate pain medication,” Yvette said. “There is such an epidemic of opioid and narcotic addiction. We hope to offer people better options such as the soothing aquatics and pain management programs. Quite frankly, if you get a person moving, that’s the first step to healing.”

“We are bridging the gap between health care and fitness,” Yvette said.

Power Center is located at 17270 Bear Valley Road, Suite 105 in Victorville. The classes and gym are also open to the public. Classes are offered for $5 per class.

Aquatic instructor Sharron Hoover is one of many success stories reported to the owner, Yvette. The Power Center website is full of testimonials.

“My brother became like a zombie on pain medication after his surgery,” said Sharron. “All because no one took the time to recommend physical therapy. Power Center has changed my life. This is one of the best things a person can do for themselves.”

For more information go to or call 760-245-8828.

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