Christianity in “Crisis” in Scotland

A recent survey revealed that the number of churchgoers in Scotland has declined by more than half in 30 years, The Telegraph reports.

In the Wake of the Florida School Shooting: What the Church Can Do

By Tom Mercer Another American city recently became famous, but for the wrong reason. You and I have once again been reminded that demons of violence aren’t just occasional visitors. They have...

Christians in Algeria Denounce Government Clamp Down on Religion

Christians in Algeria cry foul over the growing pressure against believers in the predominantly Muslim country.

Two Homeless Brothers Find Hope

Brothers Nick and Ron Hernandez were homeless, living on the streets in ghettos for most of their lives. The two have been incarcerated a number of times. It all...

Many Expected to Attend the Irish Christian Conference in July

A large number of Christians are expected to flock to Sligo, Ireland to attend a conference next month, The Journal reports. Sligo17 is a summer conference for Christians which will be held from July 9th through July 14th, 2017. Organized by New Wine Ireland, the conference aims to gather Christians all over Ireland for a week of fellowship and church empowerment. General Manager John Stewart said Sligo17, "Is for anybody who loves Jesus."

French Christians to Use a New Version of the Lord’s Prayer

French Christians have started using a revised version of the Lord's Prayer on December 3, 2017, the first Sunday in Advent.

One School Board Election will Impact Our Entire Nation

The Douglas County, Colorado School Board may determine the fate of faith based school choice for the entire nation.

China Forces Over 100 Christians to Re-education Camps

Authorities in China have sent more than 100 Christians to 're-education' camps to teach them how to be loyal to the communist country's ideologies. Most of the detained Christians came...

War Refugee Shares Inspiring Story through Animation

As a displaced person, Theodor Davidovic relied on relief goods from Christian Aid in the camps. He said he never forgot the food packages given by the Christians. Those parcels saved his life during those tumultuous times. Since then, he vowed to do everything he can to repay the charity group.

Israel Museum Recreates Biblical Sites

Thousands of Christians and pilgrims visit biblical sites in Israel each year. Now, they can also join a new tour at the Israel Museum at Jerusalem that showcases artifacts...
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