UK Govt Vows More Protection to Persecuted Christians

The UK government pledged more protection to persecuted Christians around the world, following the Bishop of Truro's report on Christian persecution.

If You Weren’t Afraid What Would You Do?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the growing trend to choose a word of the year in January. Why choose a word of the year? The traditional litany of New Year’s resolutions can get...

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

“If you’re not seeing signs of human trafficking in your city, it’s because you’re not looking.” I don’t remember where I read the quote above, but I do remember when....

Poll Finds Nearly 50 Percent of Californians Say They Want to Move Out Soon

The Golden State of California got its nickname due to its explosive population growth following the discovery of gold in 1848.  But today California is experiencing a mass exodus partially...

Coming Clean—Reshaping the Conversation about Purity

I was a freshman in Bible College when a chapel speaker brought out a piece of duct tape and asked two students to come to the front of the...

Christians Denounce a Video Game as ‘Blasphemous’

Christians used social media to criticize the trailer of a new video game, I Am Jesus Christ.

China to Rewrite the Bible

China plans to rewrite the Bible to incorporate the socialist values of the communist country.

10 Things Christians Should Do Daily in 2020

A New Year is filled with hope and promise. What could be better than starting 2020 with a renewed commitment to grow deeper in our relationship with God? Like a trained...

Army Bans Company from Selling Dog Tags with Bible Verses

The Army Trademark Licensing Program has banned a Christian company from putting Biblical verses in replica dog tags.

Church on Wheels Delivering Christmas Blessings

When the Curbside Community Center van rolls into town, communities across the High Desert are served. Whether food, water, shoes, or clothing—Pastor Abel Razo, his wife of 42 years,...
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