Interview with ‘Overcomer’ Actress Aryn Wright-Thompson

“If God is for you, who can be against you?” said seventeen-year-old actress, Aryn Wright-Thompson.  After eight years of sending in audition tapes and working with an agent in North...

November’s Five Family Friendly Things

Bible movies are a favorite in my household, but even the best ones leave me asking a series of critical questions, such as: Is that really in the Bible?

Chocolate Chip Banana Bran Muffins

This recipe is an all-time kid-favorite, made with plenty of whole wheat, healthy ingredients. Ingredients 1 large egg ¾ cup packaged light brown 1 cup mashed ripe bananas 1⁄3 cup yogurt 1⁄3 cup vegetable oil 1 tsp...

Vudu’s new filtered movie service leads October’s family-friendly lineup

What if you could turn a PG-13 movie into a family-friendly film that even a seven-year-old child could watch? Thanks to a new venture between Vudu, Walmart and Clearplay, you can.

Another School Shooting—Ignoring the Obvious

That brings me to a burden we all have shared since the news broke that seventeen innocent people, mostly children, had their lives ripped away earlier this week in a Parkland, Florida school.

Mom’s Yankee Pot Roast

Ingredients: 3-5 lb. roast 1 can of beef stock (or homemade is best) 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. pepper 1 tsp. dry ginger 2 brown onions 2 tbsps. Flour divided (1 to sprinkle meat. Save the...

Coleslaw with Greek Yogurt Dressing

Coleslaw with Greek Yogurt Dressing By Patty Schell In the quest for eating the good stuff, I tried this coleslaw to go along with our pulled pork. It was pretty tasty....

5 Homeschool Planning Hacks to Save Your Sanity

Ah, homeschool planning. You either love it, or you hate, am I right? Me? I’ve always loved it – perhaps a little too much. I enjoyed doing it so much that...

North Point InsideOut Elevates to Next Level as Nationally-Renowned Band

Christian contemporary worship band, North Point InsideOut, formed from the North Point Community Church high school ministry, InsideOut, in 1995. Tts ministry target has grown from high school students in the local Alpharetta, Ga. area to people across the country.

Homeschool Mom and Volunteer Coach Assists Teen Basketball Team to Championship

The Hesperia Recreation and Parks District offers hundreds of programs, classes, sports and activities for youth, teens, and adults. A homeschool mom for over 13 years, Robin Bush, knows first-hand...