Claims Vaping a Safe Alternative to Smoking Go up in Smoke

While smoke is not involved in vaping, a firestorm of controversy about the safety of vaping has filled the air recently.
Hope and Resources for Suicide Awareness Month

Hope and Resources for Suicide Awareness Month

Some hear the word suicide and immediately become uncomfortable. After all, “It’s a personal matter, and those don’t need to be discussed publicly.” Some may hear the word and not...

Faith and Losing a Loved One to Suicide

My brother John and I grew up doing nearly everything together. We are only sixteen months apart and we lived in the middle nowhere, so that meant we were each...

Mental Health Summit Strives to End Stigmas and Offer Hope

When my brother died by suicide five years ago, we were speechless. Despite the ways he struggled personally, we never considered suicide as a possibility for him. In an...

High Desert Mental Health Summit: A Day of Education

With 40 million Americans reporting a mental health condition, most of us know someone who is dealing with mental health in some capacity—whether their own or that of a...

A Candid Interview with Steve Austin, Author of ‘From Pastor to Psych Ward’

California has mourned the deaths by suicide of two beloved pastors in under six months. Although tragic and sad, the deaths of Pastors Jim Howard and Andrew Stoecklein leave...

Screen Time Safety for Children: The Latest Research

Children who spend more than two hours per day looking at an electronic screen demonstrate decreased memory, diminished language skills, and shortened attention spans.

Saying Good-Bye to Pets

Putting a pet to sleep is one of the most difficult decisions a pet owner will ever have to make. Unfortunately, it's also a decision many owners want ...

Most Churchgoers Abstain from Alcohol Consumption, Survey Says

Out of 1000 Protestant churchgoers, 41% said they drink alcohol, while 59% said they don’t.

Locating Light Inside the Tunnel of Loss, Part 1

“There is light at the end of the tunnel.” This saying is intended to relieve our angst while experiencing difficulties, reminding us that things will improve. But, what about the Tunnel of Loss that occurs when you lose a child; in some cases, your only child or all your children?
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