10 Lies about Homeschooling You Need to Ignore

As someone who has been around the homeschooling community both in real life and online for the past eight years, I’ve come across some real whoppers about homeschooling. While those...

Praying for Kanye West and His New Album ‘Jesus is King’

This weekend social media was ablaze with comments about Kanye West's new album Jesus is King. As I scrolled past the tweets and posts, I also stumbled upon an article...

Leadership Lesson from the Greatest Leader in History

A substantial part of the success of many institutions rises and falls on its leadership. Entities like countries, teams, companies, families, non-profits, and churches thrive with good leadership. And sometimes...

Loaded Cheesy Potato Soup

Just in time for fall, y'all! This recipe is one of our family favorites when cooler weather arrives. Sunday after church, we will gather to carve pumpkins and enjoy a...

Homeschooling Preschool

by Katie Julius One of the most common questions I see in social media homeschool support groups begins with, “My kids are 2 and 3…” I often chuckle to myself because...

Vudu’s new filtered movie service leads October’s family-friendly lineup

What if you could turn a PG-13 movie into a family-friendly film that even a seven-year-old child could watch? Thanks to a new venture between Vudu, Walmart and Clearplay, you can.

A Memoir Star Who Continues to Soar

Carla Epp of Apple Valley shared her inspiring life story on September 11 at The Community Church at Jess Ranch’s monthly “Round-Up." Her story is also featured in Footprints...

Once King, Always King

Scar, so evil, exploited and manipulated young Simba into believing he was responsible for a his own father’s death, telling him if it weren’t for Simba, “his father would still be alive!”

Ken Burns’ ‘Country Music’ leads September’s family-friendly lineup

More than a few of my childhood nights were spent sitting in my bedroom, wondering why my father was watching a “boring” PBS documentary on the Civil War.

Help! My Dog’s Itching is Driving Me Crazy

One of the most common problems I see on a daily basis in my practice is itching dogs.  This is because an itching animal usually gets the owner’s attention.  Persistent chewing and scratching is not only frustrating to the owner, but miserable for the pet as well
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