I’ll Push You Documentary in Theaters November 2nd, 2017

It would seem Justin and Patrick were destined to be friends — their parents were friends in college and Justin’s great uncle was Patrick’s grandfather’s best man in his wedding.

Oasis Hair Salon Celebrates 25 Years with Christmas Charity Event

There is nothing quite like the joyful gleam in a child’s eye when he receives a gift at Christmastime. But what about those who live in foster care or...

Who is Joel?

Joel is thirty-six years old, he is severely physically disabled. He is wheelchair-bound and is aided by a tracheostomy to help him breathe and keep his airway clear. He eats blenderized food through a tube, and he has a catheter.

Hope When You Feel Hopeless and Faith When You Doubt

Now more than ever, our world is searching for hope. And now more than ever, Christians have the opportunity to share the reason for our hope—Jesus Christ. But what if you...

Yes, Virginia, There is a God

I think you must have asked another compelling question throughout your depressed state: “Does God still care for me? Does He even exist?”

A Memoir Star Who Continues to Soar

Carla Epp of Apple Valley shared her inspiring life story on September 11 at The Community Church at Jess Ranch’s monthly “Round-Up." Her story is also featured in Footprints...

Kirk Cameron’s ‘Revive Us’ In Theaters October 24

Many are saying our nation is more divided than ever and it’s only getting worse. Television and film actor and producer, Kirk Cameron believes an awakening has begun!

10 Things Christians Should Do Daily in 2020

A New Year is filled with hope and promise. What could be better than starting 2020 with a renewed commitment to grow deeper in our relationship with God? Like a trained...

If You Weren’t Afraid What Would You Do?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the growing trend to choose a word of the year in January. Why choose a word of the year? The traditional litany of New Year’s resolutions can get...

Overcoming Practical Faith

God wants more for you than you want for yourself. That is a fact. As an aging millennial I’m in the weird space where I’m learning to walk in the fullness of adulthood, while struggling with the doubt of uncertainty. I don’t know if you know, but uncertainty will cripple every aspiration if you allow it.